Arrangements of PhD Dissertation Presentations and the Handing in of Relevant Documents (Dec-2014)

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For the students who have successfully passed the blind pre-check on their dissertation paper, please prepare the following documents for the due presentations which is planned to be arranged on the 22th December. Please print out the relevant documents of your work and hand them in to professor Dong, Room 105 in the Phoenix building before 12th December. Students whose research outcomes already meet the requirements for a PhD degree, please hand in your application forms before 9th December to Professor Dong along with the B3 documents which should include the original report of your research project and a copy of it. Please notice students who will attend the dissertation presentations should log into our educational management system to register for the presentations, and look for more detailed explanations for the process of applying for the PhD degree, during which you will be required to login the Academic Research system to register about your research project, and fill in the PhD degree application forms. A further notice on the date and schedule of the presentations will be posted on our official website.

List of necessary documents for the dissertation presentations:

1.       7 printed and bound copies of your dissertation paper

2.       2 copies of your grades sheet (you can print them at the Office of Development of the Graduate School)

3.       B3. The “Debriefing Form of Graduate Student Research Project of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics ” (should be signed by the supervisor, with the original work and a copy of the “research findings report” including the cover, index, and main body)

4.       B5. The “Application and Examine Form for the PhD Degree of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics” (two copies with ID photos attached, signed by the supervisor and the applicant)

5.       B7. The meeting minutes and resolution report (signed by the student)

6.       B8. “Form of Basic Data of Awarded Doctorate Degree”

7.       B9. “Personal Information of the Applicant for Doctorate Degree of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics”

(Forms listed above can be filled in and downloaded from the educational management system)

After passing the dissertation presentations, students could apply for a 2500 RMB reimbursement as compensation for expenses on the dissertation research project. Please prepare an invoice of 1500 RMB in name of printing or copying (please sign your name on the back of it) and hand it in with the documents stated above.

Students should make a final revision on their dissertation paper according to their comments of the supervision committee after the presentation, and hand in 4 copies of the final draft (signed by both the student and the supervisor) to the School Office. Please follow the handed out “To-Do List” with the procedures, making sure that all payments are done, necessary documents on your research project and your grades sheet are printed out etc. To print your grades sheet, please go through grades check at professor Jiang’s office and take your three copies of your grades sheet. One copy I for the student to keep, and the other two should be turned in to professor Dong. Please notice that the stamped “To-do List” and your dormitory-checking-out notice are required at receiving your graduation certificates.