Notice for the Dissertation Proposal Report of Taught Post-graduate Students of the Class of 2013

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To the post-graduate students of the class of 2013,

The School now has scheduled the report of your dissertation proposals on the date of the 9th December, 2014. Please hand in your proposals to your supervisor ahead of time and with your supervisors’ approval you will be able to attend the report. The electronic version of you dissertation proposal should be submitted through the educational management system as well before the 1st of December on the right page. If you fail to do so in time, the School cannot arrange you attend the report and your dissertation presentation and graduation must therefore be postponed until next academic year.

Before attending the report, please print one copy of the “Dissertation Proposal Form for the Master’s Degree (S1)” (download through the educational management system) for your own reference, and three copies of the “Schedule of the Dissertation Research Proposal and Project” (see the attachment) for the three teachers at the report. During the report, students should note down the teachers’ remarks and comments in the “comments of teachers attended” of the “situation of the proposal” column in the From S1. The form should be signed by the supervisor and handed in to room 105 of the Phoenix Building within one week after the dissertation proposal report.

For more details about the group arrangements, please check the School’s webpage before the report.

Contact person: Dong
Tel: 65904799