Notice: Supervisor Choosing for Post-graduate Students of the Class of 2014 in the School of Public Economics and Administration

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Requirements and deadlines of the supervisor choosing process for Post-graduate Students of the Class of 2014 in the School of Public Economics and Administration are as follow:

Stage one: now – 8:00 am, 24th October

Students can look up the “Name List of Post-graduate Supervisors of all Specialties of the School of Public Economics and Administration (attachment 1)”, and based on your specialty choose a supervisor of the same discipline. More information about the supervisors can be found in “Teaching Staff” on the School’s official webpage. For teachers without information on the webpage, students can refer to attachment 3, get information through online searching or consult Teacher Dong in the School office. Each student should choose three teachers as options for a supervisor. Falling short or filling in the same name twice will be considered invalid application and your supervisor will be allocated by the school regardless of names mentioned in your application.

If the School cannot allocate you any teacher from the three you suggested, negotiation meetings will be arranged between students and supervisors and allocation will be made according to overall opinions (at present students can only choose their supervisors from teachers in the school, supervisors from other universities are otherwise arranged from this time’s choosing).

Students, after making a decision, should fill in the “Supervisor choosing form for post-graduate students of the class of 2014 of the School of Public Economics and Administration (attachment 2)” as an application, and sent the electronic version of the filled form to before 8:00 on 24th October. The email should be titled in the format of “student ID – specialty – name- supervisor name of first option- supervisor name of second option – supervisor name of last option”. Please notice that upon receiving your email, the School will consider your options as confirmed and no further alteration can be made. Therefore students should make sure of your options before filling in and submitting the form.

Stage two: 24th October – 31st October

All supervisors of the School of Public Finance and Administration shall check their emails about students’ options, and choose supervisees from the applicants. Each supervisor can at most choose two students as supervisees (two research master students and two taught master students). Part-time teachers from external institutes will choose only one supervisee from the applicants.
Stage three: 3rd November – 7th November
  The School will finish the overall arrangements on the allocation of supervisors.
  Contact person: Dong
  Tel: 65904799