Notice: Internal Admission of MD-PhD Students within the School of Public Economics and Administration from Post-graduate Students of the Class of 2014

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To the post-graduate students of the Class of 2014 in the School of Public Economics and Administration,

In order to further improve the research capacity of both the PhD program students and the Master program students, the School of Public Economics and Administration has now opened the MD-PhD program for post-graduate students of the class of 2014 within the School. The numbers of nominations will depend on the teaching and admission capacity of each Specialty of the School. We will look into applicants’ obtained knowledge of corresponding disciplines and whether or not the applicant has the analytical ability and potential for accomplishing tasks in various challenging research projects.

At present, the School plans to recruit about 10 students in the MD-PhD program, and the detailed applying and selecting process is explained as follow:

1.Legitimate applicants:
Taught master students in the School of Public Economics and Administration

2.Selecting Criteria:
1) Fine performance in ideology and morality, good attitude in study, with strong academic integrity, in good health condition
2) Passed the CET-6
3) Ability to carry out academic research projects individually.

3. Applying and selecting process
1) Applicants can download the “application form for the MD-PhD program of the School of Public Economics and Administration”, fill in the required information and hand it in to Teacher Dong in room 105 the Phoenix Building, before 17th October (Friday).
2) The School will screen the applications and send notice for students who pass for post-examinations before 24th October.
3) The post-examination will be organized before 7th November.
4) The School will have the nominations of students who get through the post-examination examined and approved by the Graduate Faculty. With the official approval, the School will publish the name list to students.

4. About the Program
1) Students transfer from the Master programs to MD-PhD programs will follow the curriculum the School designed for MD-PhD students of each specialty. The main modules will be lectured by out-standing teachers from home or abroad. The modules, as a whole, are designed in consideration of the diverse characteristics and features of different specialties. Students enrolled in the MD-PhD program will achieve a PhD degree upon successful finish of the study of all modules in the program.
2) Students in the MD-PhD program will have to return to the original Master program if fail in the program transferring examination or fail to pass a module. In this occasion the student can no longer pursue a PhD degree, but will be able to receive the Master degree of a certain specialty if successfully finish the program.

5. Allowances and Scholarships in the Program
After a reformation of the university’s scholarship program, students transferred from Master programs to MD-PhD programs are now legitimate of applying for scholarship and other living allowances.

School of Public Economics and Administration